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Infratech Polymers Inc. is pleased to announce a new and exciting product, Infrapave DMA. This waterproof asphalt concrete pavement is combined with our special primers and mastic to form the Infinity System, a long lasting, highly durable, waterproof asphalt pavement system for suspended slabs.

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TAG 8000® high performance cold mix is the best of the best when it comes to cold climates.  It has been tested, reviewed, and approved for use in Canada and the United States.  It is a high performance mix made specifically for industrial/commercial road and parking lot maintenance crews.  TAG 8000® will out last and outperform every standard cold mix on the market.  
The Infinity System - Waterproof Asphalt Pavement Infratech Polymers Inc is excited to present the newest hot mix asphalt pavement polymer additive to its line of products. Incorporate waterproofing to the asphalt concrete pavement and eliminate the time required to apply a typical thin lift system.  
Stop-A-Drop™ waterproofing system is an on slab waterproofing system consisting of waterproofing membrane and a unique Perma Board protection board. Stop-A-Drop™ is a hot applied waterproofing compound that immediately after application forms a monolithic, seamless and fully bonded membrane.  
Rub-Arb® Asphalt Rubber Binder is a high quality paving grade binder suitable for gap graded and dense graded asphalt concrete pavement. The homogenious binder is manufactured by Infratech Polymers Inc. and shipped directly to the asphalt plant.  

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